Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh No You Didn't!

Not for young Oopsy Readers!

You won't believe what just happen a few moments ago while I was finishing up the previous post. Our computer is in the living room area where all eyes can see activity and not too far from my front door. The front door is open today but the IRON screen security door was closed but not yet locked because we were still putting away yard stuff.

Well I hear some talking approaching the front door and the door bell rings. I ignore it because I don't recognize the people and remain quiet assuming they are soliciting something and will walk away in a few minutes because no one comes to the door. BUT NOOOOOOOOOO!
Suddenly my screen door opens and a man leans in saying "Helloooo". Seriously, ask yourself this question... Would you open the front door to a complete strangers house, lean in and begin to step inside and yell "Helloooooooo?" - No, I wouldn't either.
(That was his first mistake!)

I leaped out of my chair and swooped down the entry and in a yell heard around the world... "Get the H*ll out of here!" Now I'm not a swearing woman on a daily basis, so where that came from HAD to be the depths of my Whoop *ZZZZ former self before Christ! But I wasn't done yet... I continued with "Get the H*ll off my property!" As I was pulling the iron door closed, I see a woman behind him who looks like she just had an accident in her darling Capri pants! The guy says, "Is this Freddy's?"
(That was his second mistake!)

In a voice that again came from the depths of a canyon, I continued to YELL, "DO I LOOK LIKE A FREDDY?!" Now mind you, I just finished doing yard work, I'm stinky and my hair probably looked like I'd seen a vision. "I'm going to FRY you if you don't start running off my property - RIGHT NOW!"
My neighbor across the street was just coming home from the store and watched this spectacle unfold. As I looked back at the guy, he was waddling kind of funny himself... perhaps he had a load in his jeans as well as his girly friend.
My neighbor yells over... "Do you know them?" I yelled again in a voice heard around the world.. "No I don't know who these strangers who are trying to break into my house for a home invasion!" The guy, who was CLEARLY looking like he had wet underwear turned back to look at me, I GROWLED at him.

My daughter came in from the backyard and asked if someone got in trouble? Oh yea, Honey, somebody got in trouble all right!" I told the family who re-assembled nearby what just happened and my son said, "Oh no he didn't?"

Now ya'll, this could have been an absolutely innocent mistake, but I am a cautious woman who lives where foreclosed homes surround the city and people are desperate for shelter and also looking to loot from those who still have their homes. However, learn from this couple who will probably be talking about me in stories for the rest of their lives...
Don't even think about it!

Oopsy Update!

Oopsy Update!
Good Morning and greetings to my family back home in Australia!

Yesterday, I went to work with the Mom but we had to take the kids to school first! Buckle up!

It was a beautiful morning as we passed the grape vinyards.

As we settled into work, I nibbled on the bagel sandwich my host packed in my lunch box!

As the hours went by I helped file papers, answer phones and watched in amazement how those fingers of hers could fly about the keyboard! When she wasn't looking, I joined in for a cup of tea at the fountain!

When it was break time, we went for a walk and met up with one of the Mom's co-workers whom she called "The Ranger". The Ranger likes to race his stock car and just happened to have his trailer nearby and offered to show me what he and his DARLING 3 yr old grandson do on Friday nights! The Mom said that he just wanted to show off his race car's new paint job and logo! (tee hee)
Popo is Grandpa and Mojo is the Grandson.

On Saturday, the house was busy with activity! The Mom said something about pulling weeds and doing yard work but since I'm on vacation I offered to supervise the work from this coooool chair the little miss got for me to rest in. It was mighty hot too, thankfully the Mom offered me some apple juice!

When the chores were done we headed to the backyard to cool off in the shade and make plans for the day!
"Riiiiiing" ~ "Riiiiiiiing"
"Greetings Host Grandma! Can we come over and visit you today, I came here all the way from Australia just to see you!"
"Well of course, I'd love to see you!"
We're off to Grandma's House!
I'll post more pictures when we return!

"Cleaning Quirk" Meme

My lovely and beautiful bloggy friend Lavinia tagged me for a "Cleaning Quirk" Meme!

It took me 5 days to figure out that I almost didn't think I had a cleaning quirk. Yes, I'm quite content among my dust but I did come up with ONE...

When we get home from work/school the first thing I always tell the kids to do is
"Take off your shoes and go wash your HANDS before you do anything else!"
The thought of not doing it slays me every time ~ ICKO! I really don't need to tell them anymore, they just do it but it's habit of me saying it. Then it got me thinking that I have hand sanitizer at both my desks at work with all the people I am in contact with and the hundreds of documents coming across my desk each month.
So there you have it Lavinia ~ clean hands is my cleaning quirk!
Lavinia loves to meet new people, so give her a visit and tell her that ChaChaneen sent you!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

PFF - From Canada!

It's PPF -Postcard Friendship Friday hosted by beautiful blog beauty Marie at

Today's Postcard comes directly Air-Mailed from Canada! And if that wasn't exciting enough, it was accompanied by Oopsy, the traveling bear who is on vacation all the way from it's home base in Australia!

Gill - That British Woman recently spent a month hosting Oopsey in Canada and had several adventures through the country with her family! I encourage you to visit Gill and see all the memories Oopsy made there.
Oopsy was well comforted during the plane ride too as she was wrapped up all cozy in 2 darling teapot themed pot holders, along with kind words and a little savings in her pocket! Gill, you are TOO KIND! Thank you so much for the lovely little gifties!

The kids couldn't wait to introduce her to our extended family...

... including an older relative ~ Harmony!

Oopsy will be shown a lovely and entertaining California welcome, so please come back often to see the fun memories she's making. To see how and why Oopsy came to visit me, visit Caroline's blog and introduce yourself to Oopsy's lovely owner. You'll be glad you did!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Musings - Part 2

Part 2...
Please scroll down to Part 1 first if you haven't seen that post yet.

Aaaaaah home at last and all fresh and clean from fishing. Daddy and the boy took a little nap while my girl and I enjoyed a pot of tea and a little hot cocoa in my cozy room!
Mmmm, hot cocoa!

Vanilla Black tea with milk and brown sugar cubes for me!

Guess who woke up for his little snooze on the couch, ha ha! He helped himself to cocoa!

Ding, Ding! Dinner Time! Welcome to the New Restaurant, we'll be your hosts...

We were HIGHLY encouraged to try the Stew and Bread!

Sounds great, I'll have that!

Dinner was delicious and we talked about our fun day at the Secret Fishin' Hole!


Revised~ the video I had up here before was slowing my site down so I took it off.~*~

Saturday Musings - Part 1

Happy Saturday!

Did ya 'all run out and get your Peeps this week for breakfast? Just checking! ha ha
So last night we went to our kids school to watch the Talent Show and it was so darn adorable, so cute! There are definitely some to watch through the years as you can see their gifts already forming. My favorite acts were a young man who did Classic Guitar Riffs - enjoyed me some Journey, AC-DC, Bob Seager, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Eagles, etc. and a little darling boy who told jokes.. my favorite was this... "What do you get when a Turtle and a Porcupine cross the road?" Answer.... "A slow poke." ha ha

This morning my house was busy with activity. First was the poke in the arm while I was sleeping. MOM, MOM... guess what, we're going fishing with Dad! Can we do restaurant tonight?"
What is that you ask? Well we cook up a dinner and my Man and I "order" off the pre-made menu's and the kids serve us our dinner. They of course offer a wonderful atmosphere and an enjoyable evening as they look forward to their "tip" money. (Note to self... rustle up a couple of dollars!)

While grocery shopping this week, I got a smokin' deal on the fixings for stew since it was St. Patricks Day and everybody was making their Corned Beef and Cabbage meals. I bought stew meat instead. So this morning before they left, the kids prepared dinner so it would be ready after a day of Fishin'.....

While I was putting this post together, I got a phone call from the secret fishing hole...

"Mommy? What are you doing?"
"Just bloggin' about your making dinner tonight and then I'm going to start on my bible study homework."
"Ummm, are you done with your coffee yet?"
"Yea honey, why, what's up?
"Ummm, could you please drive me to the bathroom?"
"HA HA HA HA - Sure honey, I'm on my way!"

Yes, I am the official bathroom runner. You see when the kids were just little, little people I'd drive them to the NICE bathroom instead of the out-house style bathroom and thus the tradition was started. However, if push came to shove, out-house style is not foreign to them either.

Running water, SOAP and hot air dryers, deluxe accomodations really!

Okay, let's head to our spot.
I couldn't do my homework because of the critter activity nearby! Remember the last time when the serpent showed up! Yeah, I didn't get a lot done that day either! ha ha

As you can see, it was a slow morning, not a lot of fish activity.

That is until I pulled out HOT coffee to drink! Ah, Mom! What about us? What did you bring for us? Ummm, nothing, didn't Daddy pack your basket?
"Mom, do you have any of those money cards left?"
"Yes.... I think I do! Let's go kids!"

So off we go...

... to Starbucks!

Order up and ready and back to the fishin' hole!

"So kids, was it worth the trip?"
Their response... "Mmmmmmmmmmmm good! Thanks Mommy!"

Then, nearby a fellow fisherman who was AT OUR SECRET FISHIN' HOLE, started getting some action! We gauged it to be a nice 3 pound Large Mouth Bass!
Then, I heard a little singing above me? What could that be? Ah shucks, it's birdie!

The kids wanted to move to the dock area where we had seen some more action. So we loaded up and headed over.

Still nothing for us... hours go by with NOTHING! Until... we heard thunder...

Hmm, wait a minute, that doesn't sound like thunder. Holy Smokin' Rockets, it's the military!

We think it was F-15 jets but don't know for sure? Any of you know?
Look at what my dinky little camera got! I should start looking for UFO's next! I could be on the cover of the Enquirer with these photography skills!

Well after all that excitement, we decided to pack up and head for home and warm showers.
I'll take more pics tonight so you can see how our "Restaurant" evening was enjoyed!