Tuesday, July 29, 2008

While ironing...

... my recent inventory of new hankies for my ministry, I discovered I am in NEED of a new ironing board cover. I would love to have this beautiful floral design! My birthday is in a few months, so if any of you need ideas... (hint hint)

Monday, July 28, 2008



Monday, July 21, 2008

Car Improvements

How many people does it take to change a light bulb? Just one...
and that's my Boy!

My son saw the package in my purse and asked what it was for. When I explained that my break light went out in my car and I bought a new bulb for it, his face light up like a Christmas tree with anticipation of waiting to be asked to help! Of course, how could I refuse a face like that? So I said, "Would you like to help me?" He replied. "Yes, I can do that Mom!" So off we went and with bulb and camera in tow. When I suggested he get in the trunk to get a better angle at the light, he thought that was the coolest thing ever to be sitting in the trunk. ha ha

Inspecting the light bulb package...

I love the concentration... (notice the tongue)... ha ha...

Mom, I think I've got it done. Let's see if it works...

Yes! Perfection the first time!

Anytime Mom, anytime!

That's my BOY! I'm so proud!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Remembering Jane Austen

Today, July 18th is the anniversary of Jane Austen’s death.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Co-worker Fun!

My coworker is always spilling things. You name it, she'll spill it. Actually, we both tied for the coveted title of Office Klutz but today I think I have lost out because my darling pod-partner did the unthinkable! She had a glass of water (thankfully it was just water) which HAD A LID ON IT... and she still spilled it and got water all over her desk. Documents drenched! Calendar wet! She joked that only she could still make a mess with a lid on something. We all laughed so much our mouths hurt. Well, during our break time we decided we would run across the street to the dollar store and have some fun! We got plastic covering table clothes, baby sippy cups, a roll of paper towels and made some fun signs to decorate her area. While she was busy in the front office, we worked stealthy like a military operation and completed our task of water-proofing her pod in just minutes! We even gift wrapped the Sippy Cups! When she returned to her desk and saw our handy work, she just fell over laughing! She loved it! Now our mouths and stomachs were hurting from all the laughing! Thankfully, she doesn't hold a grudge so don't have to worry about paybacks! ha ha

My score as a 1930's Wife

Found this test surfing my favorite blogs today. I answered it truthfully and was surprised that I scored higher than an average house wife. I thought for sure cooking in my pajama's was going to knock off several points! ha ha Take the test yourself and click on the link below! Enjoy!


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tea Party Left Overs!

The best thing about hosting a party is you get "left overs"... If I'm cooking it and dinner is ready is minutes! Tonight was potato, bacon and cheese soup made from left over potato's served with my delicious Bacon/Cheese Twists from yesterday...

...Triple Berry Layered Shortcake!

... and tomorrow... left over Potato soup made into Pot Pies!

Annual Patriotic Tea Party

"O, say can you see..."

...yourself at my annual Patrotic Tea Party!

I can't believe another year has flown by so quickly! It's time again for my annual 4th of July Patriotic Tea party. This year was a small gathering but still lots of fun, games and laughter!

The decorations are all in place!

Gathered at my tea table are my Sisters, Mothers and Grandmother! Elaine, Me and Melody

On my menu were these delicious homemade Cheese and Bacon Twists!
These are definitely a "keeper" recipe! My famous soft and creamy scones!
Delicious Ham and Apricot/Cream Cheese spread sandwiches.

Traditional Cucumber Tea Sandwiches.

Perfect Deviled Eggs! Fresh Strawberries!

After lunch, it was time for games! We played Patriotic Bingo and... ... and the winner is Elaine!
Then we played Patrotic Word scramble...
... and the winner is JoAnn!

Now we're ready for dessert which was Angel Food cake with Triple Berry topping and more of Janeen's special whipped cream and Chocolate cups filled with Cheesecake & Berries!
Ahh, Hostess Gifts, you gotta love it!

Pauline gave me this minature Christmas Nativity Scene Tea Set!
This will look great on display during the holidays! JoAnn got me this DARLING tea cup ornament! It almost looks like my pink rose dishes!
Ann couldn't come to the party but she made arrangements to give me this beautiful handmade gift anyway! She made this scrapbook of several pages, that when folded up, looks like a purse! Perfect for todays pictures! Now that's a memory!
Melody got me this DARLING Tea Pot Pin Cushion! I LOVE IT!
Isn't it cute! I know all my quilting friends are coveting this right now!
My Mom gave me this very delicate blown glass of Dolphins Under the Sea! The Kelp is very cool!
Hmm, we haven't had a self portrait yet, so ...
Unfortunately, all fun things must come to an end! Thank you for coming to my Patriotic Tea Party! Here is a little gift for you too!

See ya next year!