Sunday, August 31, 2008

100th Post! Priceless!

Wow it's my 100 post! And a celebration this is because it's dedicated to my 83 yr old Dad who competed in the California State Karaoke Championships at the State Fair this weekend! He did not win but we had a blast supporting him and enjoying our day!
Now I had a terrible time trying to get this video uploaded and in the end I couldn't fix it, so when you view it, just put your head on your shoulder and enjoy! ha ha

The Promenade Stage where it all happened!

My Parents! Aren't they adorable!

Yet another adorable couple...My sister and her Man

The engaged couple, my Niece and her Fiance

I couldn't pass up the opportunity of making a memory with the Official Mascot of the State Fair.... Poppy the Bear!

The fair hosted a large tribute to Hollywood with life size movie set replica's for more memory making moments! Me and James Dean..... hmmm, looks like an Elderly James to me! ha ha
My Mom and I in front of Tiffany & Co doing our Audrey Hepburn poses! My Mom with C3P0  Even the props needed some water in the 98 degree weather!
Look out!

The brownstone buildings from SIC

General Motors new BioFuel cars of the future... starting with the SUV

Now this was fun! There was a huge exhibit near the Hollywood stuff that featured this years big office hit of the newest Indiana Jones movie. It was quite impressive!

This is the new and permanent September 11, 2001 Memorial
Actual twisted steel beam from Ground Zero

This is a granite sphere carved with the names of those who died and it gently rolled on a thin layer of water... beautiful

Next up was the exhibits... my favorite part! In keeping with the Hollywood theme, there was a lot of stuff to look at so I took pictures of my favorite things on display.

The next exhibit hall was the Arts & Crafts!
A beautiful quilt with the California Bear theme.
Ooooh a Fall themed quilt! I want, I want, I want!

Sadly, I missed out on being a judge for the Jam and Jelly competition. They even had the nerve to put all the first and second place winners in this locked glass case so no one could steal take a jar home to adorn my beautiful scones!

Next was the Counties of California displays... there was so many but I only took pictures of my favorites.

Say Cheese! Humbolt County's display of the process of making cheese.

Monterey County display

San Joaquin County Display

Solano County display

Butte County display

Next it was time to head outdoors to visit the Agriculture area, another favorite of mine! I am soooooo not pioneer woman, but I can appreciate it all! This cow was rocking back and forth as she laid on the ground because she was preparing for labor! Now that would have been a site to see! Her neighbor in the next corral was also pregnant but isn't due until next week.

Now isn't this the most adorable little Lamb you ever saw!

This Momma pig had 12 piglets!

Chardonay grape vines ripen in the sun
This area educated on the importance of Mosquito safety

 Baby Bass fish
Free kisses from the Bull Frogs! ha ha Just joking!

Kaiser Permanente had booths that gave away free fruit/veggies. I played their fruit/veggie game and because I answered correctly, I won free sunscreen, chapstick and more fruit!

Hours later we needed to rest so we went to the main stage to enjoy Gospel Day! Literally every 15-20 minutes there was different choirs and groups singing ALL DAY LONG! It was great! Jesus was in the house today! The audience participation was the best! This gentleman below is Norman Hutchins and he is a well known pastor and recording artist. He sang, Jesus I Love You... while playing his guitar and the choir behind him. Seriously folks, it was angelic! While we were there we saw filming all the action, so check it out and raise your hands in the air!

For dinner I wanted something GOOOOOOD, no garbage fair food and I wasn't disappointed! Being the English lover I am, I found a Pub serving good grub.... I got Bangers and Mash!
For $9.50 (not our actual meal because I forgot to take a picture of it before I ate it but this is what it looked like)

After a long day, even the Sheriff was tired!
 I squealed like my children do as we were walking out of the park to head home and I smelled Kettle Korn popping in the near distance! My Nancy Drew skills led me to the sweetest elderly couple (and I do mean elderly in the most respectable way!) from Texas who brought their log cabin vendor trailer to bless me with my salt/sweet and temporary souvenior... a bag of warm, fresh from the kettle... puffed corn!

Medium size bag of Kettle Korn: $6.00

Bangers and Mash dinner: $9.50

Fair admission and parking fee: $24.00

Seeing my Dad sing at the California State Fair: PRICELESS