Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A little show...


The kids and their friends asked if they could put on 
"A little show..." for their parents recently and my kids asked if we could host it.
I asked what they had in mind for their "Little show..." 
and they said...
"Ya know... we do our show and then we have refreshments afterwards!"
I replied...
"What kind of refreshments do you have in mind?"
and they said...
"Ya know... like your tea stuff!"  

(ha ha)  Hard to say no to that, so the kids decorated the stage area 
and I got to work on the refreshments...
Presenting "A Little show..."

Act 1: "Hula in the Sea"

Act 2: A Duet singing the theme song from a Disney show
(notice the costume change.. tee hee)

Act 3: Singing Solo to another Disney tune

The End!  
And with a loud applause, the parents rocked the neighborhood!

Next it was time for the Refreshments...

I have to say it was darn cute to see the fruit of the kids labor after they had worked for over a week putting together their "Little show...".  The experience also showed me that my kids are learning how to entertain through what they have seen me do as they surveyed the table a few times and told me what was needed.  ha ha


Sunday, August 29, 2010



Vacations are over with the souvenirs packed away, 

a new School year has begun,

Football season is near,

 Yard Sales await us,

and new Tea Party themes need inspiration, 
so I am watching this...


Saturday, August 21, 2010



On Vacation...

Looking forward to returning to the routines that school schedules provide!!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

N.G.A. Weekend


N. G. A. Camp Out
~No Girls Allowed~

I have very little to contribute in the way of captions for these pictures as my Man took them this summer when our church hosted a NGA Camp Out... as in No Girls Allowed!  Looks like they had a great time though and check out that Tee Pee!  Very cool!

 I was told the Smores were smoking good that night!

I was told someone else did the cooking that weekend! (Yea Me!)

I was told water squirters are great for cooling off on a hot day!

So what did us Girls do while the Boys played?  
We did pedicures!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get a Laugh



Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dreams Really Do Come True!


If you've visited me long enough you'll know that for a L-O-N-G time I have been "Dreaming" of a Sewing Machine!  It didn't even have to be brand new, just a gently used, basic electric model was all I was looking for to replace the by-hand method I have been doing since my junior high days.   Well my hands and eyes aren't what they used to be and well... shouldn't every girl have a sewing machine?  

A few hand-me-down's where passed my way this past year but my local sewing shop told me that it would cost more to service and replace broken parts, than what I could buy a new machine for.  God Bless that man for being honest!  But this time, things were... different!

Jenifer called me and said, "Janeen, your not going to believe this but I think we've got a sewing machine for you!"   Being a girl with a sewing machine herself, she KNEW my desire to have one and felt the prompting to ask her church congregation.  Her Man told her to be obedient!  God bless you Ron!  ha ha   So she stood up and asked if anyone had a gently used sewing machine that needed a good home as she had a friend who would like to adopt it.  When she finished her request, she sat back down and from the pew behind her she heard these words.... "Oh Jenifer, we can help you, we have two!"  Yes, they had two machines!  The previous owners used to have their own blanket business and still had some inventory around.

Is this not a beauty?  And super CLEAN!
Look at all those fancy stitches it can make and even the bottom slides off... I know!  
(Guys, if this was a car - you could understand my happiness!)

Hidden compartment for accessories!

Extra box of even more accessories!!

Hmmm, what does this do?  Um, the manuel says that it makes button holes!

Here I am with my cried out, blood shot eyes holding a little note from the previous owner wishing me blessings with the machine.    In fact, the tears have been flowing pretty easy this week when I glance in it's direction.  I even had coffee with it on Monday... just looking at it... (Sigh)... I know, I've got it bad!

Before Jenifer left to go back home, she said her handsome Man - Ron, had just one thing to say...
"Janeen, when the opportunity is there... pay it forward." Ron, I can assure you... I will do that!  

Thank You are the appropriate words to say, but they don't express the gratitude that I feel.  


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Donations accepted

Donations Accepted!

I recently walked through the hallway to find this sign posted outside my Son's bedroom door...

"Please donate money, cash, change...
washed out recycling,
Please donate 
Mon-y in this bucket"

Washed out recycling - that slayed me! ha ha  
We always tell the kids to wash out their plastic cups, etc before putting them in for recycling.

I asked my Boy why TWO containers...

His reply.... "Overflow Mom, o-v-e-r-f-l-o-w!"

Oh my stomach hurts from laughing!