Monday, February 18, 2013

Popular again...

I have long appreciated Cross Stitching, being a sewer of the same myself and it warmed my heart to read this morning that it is making a come back with girls in the UK, growing in popularity.  Young ladies gathering together to visit, potluck and sew!  And it's one I can't wait to see take off here in the US as I think too much time is spent in electronic friendships via social media.
If you've ever done cross stitch you KNOW the L-O-N-G hours that are put into such a small space on fabric that it's almost not worth taking up for those who lack patience or want quick results from a craft like painting, crocheting or knitting will give you.  And of course I have always gravitated to the more complex patterns but they've always been worth the results... like this below.
Hope your enjoying your Holiday weekend....

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weekend getaway

We're headed to the beach this weekend...
Pebble Beach that is... for the PGA Tournament...
where I plan to make a memory at 'The Lodge' which always reminds me of the Grand Hotel from the movie 'Somewhere in Time'.
Taking in the gorgeous views of the ocean...
And finishing the evenings with great friends, good eats and fab wine!
Sigh... a few days of peace and tranquility!