Friday, February 25, 2011

Rainy day Anne and Gilbert

I've been home all week nursing a sick family and 
today we're going to rest and watch a 
marathon of Anne of Green Gables and
Anne of Avonlea. 

Here a some scenes from both movies that are my favorites!


Every time I see these movies I tell myself that 
SOMEDAY I'm going to travel to Nova Scotia 
and tour Prince Edward Island during their
Anne of Green Gables annual festivals!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My new favorite


I have a new favorite.
Breakfast favorite. Lunch favorite. Dinner favorite.

I lurve grits!  
Make grits the day before in a casserole pan and refrigerate overnight, then using a biscuit cutter for the round shape, grill it up with ham, poach some eggs and top with gravy.
Mmmm, my new favorite!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

I lurve Cheesecake!


I lurve Cheesecake!

I lurve it so much, I'm making a new dessert out of it!  
However, I can't take credit on this one as I found it here.

Cheesecake Pops!

I don't have the refrigerator space to put the sticks on so I will just leave them shaped as decorated balls and place them on a platter over pretty paper doilies!  These will be a test run for my upcoming tea party!

Verdict:  They taste delicious but are a lot of work.  I purchased a yummy pre-made cheesecake from Costco to save that step but I used almond bark chocolate that I had left over from the holidays and I think that's where the difficulty was because it didn't melt thin enough.  Next time I will take Bakerella's tip from the recipe and buy the candy melts.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Wii Fun!

For Christmas we got 1 gift, 
or should I say the FAMILY got 1 gift.
That's it.  
Nothing else.  
Well... perhaps the stockings were filled.
The only thing under the tree was a Wii game system!

You see, years ago we decided that since baby Jesus got 3 gifts from the Wise Men, that we too would exchange the same... just 3 gifts.  It's worked out to be a wonderful thing because the kids REALLY think about their requests of what they would like to receive. This year though, they asked for a Wii.  Knowing that it would be big bucks, they said that Wii would be enough.  A week before Christmas I found a set of attachments for $12... sweet!

Can I just tell you how much FUN Wii has been?

Relatives knew we were getting it so we were bestowed with gift cards to buy games.  Great idea people!

I recently bought two games of my choosing.  Unfortunately they don't have Jane Austen or Afternoon Tea (hee hee) related games so I got...

Michael Jackson, The Experience
My favorite dance is of course "Thriller" cause I burn about 1,000 calories each time!  The idea is to copy the choreography of Michael or the back-up dancers exactly as you see them. The better you do, the more points you get.  If you do the timing exactly right, you even get Gold Glove perfection points.  By accident I found that out because I'm really not that good.  Seriously... you would probably bust your gut laughing.

My sister Melody on the other hand is... 
the Dancing Queen!

The other game is Wheel of Fortune
which has surprisingly turned out to be the kids favorite because it involves spelling!  It's just like the TV game where you "win" trips to Aruba and other fabulous prizes while Vanna turns the letters. We have even taken the game to my Mother-In-Law's to play as it's easy to set up and move from TV to TV! 

It's been a perfect activity to do in the winter when it's raining or just down right chilly outside!

Do you Wii?  What's your favorite game?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Classic... Casablanca


I watched "Casablanca" this weekend on the big screen and
 it was just grand!  The dialogue is quick and the humorous one-liners are many.  Watching it again made me see things I hadn't noticed previously.  For example, the film may be black and white but this time I could see that the caviar dish is 

After watching such a classic, it makes you wish you had a haunt like "Rick's Cafe Americain" to go for a drink and hear Sam sing "As Time Goes By".