Sunday, June 27, 2010

Leave the light on


Mom, could you leave the light on?

My boy is taking after his Mama...

He wants to read at night before falling asleep.
So we bought him a simple,
inexpensive timer switch
to plug his light into. 
When the light goes off,
reading time is over.

I lurve it!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh no you don't!


Oh no you don't little fellow...
your going D-O-W-N!!!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day


Happy Father's Day!

Remember these famous television Dad's?

Which makes me ponder...

I can't think of any CURRENT television shows that promote a Father leading the home.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We interrupt this routine...

Routine Interrupted...

The weekend started off with a call from my sister... "What' cha doing today?"  
"Nothin'... and you?"  
"Nothin'... want to drive up to Mom & Dad's and visit them for the day?
"Sounds great, let's go!"

And a lovely visit it was, right up until it was almost.... time.... to..... go!

After dinner, my daughter asked me if we could play volleyball in the backyard, so off we went.  Not 3 minutes into our game, my girl goes down on the grass to hit the ball and lands on her knee.  The instant look on her face told me it was painful and it was going to be a L-O-N-G night. 

So off to the emergency room we went...

 to be THANKFULLY told she had no broken bones but would need to stabilize the leg into a splint for several days... thus no unnecessary walking until the swelling goes down.

So our routine has been interrupted as we try to finish out our last week of school.  My girl has had finals this week, so I took a crash course in Homeschooling and taken her to school a few times to take her final in a conference room since she can't get up the stairs to her classroom.  Her teacher has been amazing in her assistance and communication to help me here at home!  I give credit where it's due to all you Mother's out there who homeschool your children.  And guess what, I even liked it!! 

Well today was the funniest part of our week in that I HAD to go to the store... hadn't been in several days and we needed a few things but how to do it with my girl on crutches?  Hmmm, perhaps she can drive the electric cart around the store?  Surely she would LURVE it?  YES!!!  Okay, let me just say that I wish I had the store surveillance video to show you all how hilarious that was!  

Well we're off to the doctor again to hopefully get the splint taken off for good today!  Wish us luck!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Derby days


Recently my Boy participated in a friendly Derby Race Car extravaganza!  Well not really an extravaganza, but it sounds better when you have to get up really E-A-R-L-Y on a Saturday and sit inside a VERY COLD gymnasium.  My boy had worked on his car for weeks learning everything there is to know about Derby Car.  I had no idea what to expect so when we walked in and I saw the ramp and computers all set up, I realized Derby was REALLY for the big boys!  (i.e.  Daddy's who still like their toys)

Obviously this is all very high tech stuff! ha ha

I was amused to see there was also a "Pit" area in case your Derby car needed some work.

The time has finally arrived... 
the time you anticipate, agonize, stress over... 
My Boy's face says it all... the "weigh in"

The results... SUCCESS!!!!

Go B-1!  Go B-1!!  Go B-!!

The competition...

Oh look!  Refreshments!  Coffee, yes I'll have coffee please!
Sorry Ma'am, coffee is all gone.  Would you be interested in hot cocoa?

Why YES, yes I would be interested!

At last, the big moment arrived!  
Round after round of racing, the winners moved up and up the ladder!
Look at the young boy in the orange hoodie... he's got fingers crossed on both hands!  Adorable!

Uh - Oh, doesn't look like we'll be going home a trophy winner today...

Oh well, next year we'll try again!  We still had lots of fun and it was a great project for my Boy to have through the winter months.

Did or does your family participate in the Derby Races?


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Winter in June?


I lurve to watch Christmas movies throughout the year and the month of June is no exception!  Last year I rented and saw for the first time "Christmas in Connecticut" starring a young Barbara Stanwyck and fell in lurve with the story AND the house... lodge... whatever you call!  I rented it again and this time my attention was more at the details of the set, rather than the story.  

All that beautiful stone / brick on the house and the yard wall just sets the look!

Of course the inside isn't too shabby either with the vaulted ceilings and shelves everywhere!

I lurve the piano next to the slanted window!

Seriously this kitchen has my name written all over it!  All the windows and so spacious!

I am coveting all that storage space of drawers and cabinets!

I think this is called a dutch door?  
What ever it is, makes me want to put a pie on the ledge to cool!

And I lurve a happy ending!

Do you watch Christmas movies throughout the year?