Friday, October 10, 2008

Tag... your it!

I've been tagged by Pamela for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a very good cause. Forgive me as the button above doesn't click, I've been working get it right.

1. Clothes Shop: My friends closets the past few years. I've been getting wonderful hand-me-downs!

2. Furniture Shop: Haven't bought any in nearly 10 years, I have children now!

3. Sweet: I like it all! I love going to old fashioned stores that have barrels of EVERYTHING!

4. City: Considering I live near San Francisco, that would be it. Although, I have several in mind I want to travel to.

5. Drink: Water, Black Teas (Vanilla is my favorite!), Coffee, Diet Pepsi and Rita's!

6. Music: At work I listen to Classical - think Moonlight Sonata; while at home or in the car it's Christian, Country, Big Band & Swing, Christmas.

7. TV Series: BBC America - North and South, Bleak House, Food Networks' Unwrapped, & ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

8. Films: Somewhere In Time, A Room with a View, Dr. Zhivago, Roman Holiday, White Christmas, Persuasion, ooooh the list goes on and on!

9. Workout: Me too with the 'walking, talking and blogging'!!

10. Pastries: Anything with coconut, Baklava, Filled Crossiants

11 Coffee: Love coffee!

That was fun! Thanks for tagging me!

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