Friday, March 19, 2010

Recap for Week 8 - BF


Recap for Week 8 ~ BF

We are in the home stretch Ladies and I am so proud of all of you!  If you are behind in your homework, get caught up as quickly as you can because I've already begun working ahead on week 9 and it is a pivotal lesson for us.  One that requires you not to skip or take shortcuts if you want to reap the rewards!

Our homework last week focused on God's Unfailing Love!  Most of us as children learn to "feel love" from our parents and we all long to experience healthy love.  However, if your parents loved you in their way of showing you but you really never felt loved perhaps you can relate to one of these... perhaps you felt the disappointment of conditional love or maybe you experienced the abandonment of parent love that leaves a deep, lasting hurt and a distorted view of "love".

Then as adults, we spend much of our lives focused on finding the perfect mate to experience the deep satisfaction from marriage ~ however human love has limits and usually it is from the heart already experiencing brokenness.  Beth said in our homework, "If we don't allow God's truth to take up full residence in our hearts, we may learn just enough to move out of one prison into another."   So true... so true...

We know how important it is for a believer to really know and believe that God loves them.  Unfortunately, there are some unsound teachings out there telling you to ignore your feelings and justify it with scriptures they have twisted into their teaching... hence... "the heart is deceitful" and then an individual ends up stuffing down their feelings they haven't dealt with because they feel guilty for having them in the first place.  Ladies, God is a God of order ~ not confusion!  To live in freedom it is essential for us who feel unloved by our human father, to feel loved by our heavenly father.  Let's encourage one another that we are lavishly loved by Him, as we may be the only people within the study group that another woman would hear it from.  God's love is not human love, so it won't disappoint you!

Let's pray ~
We pray for the adults and children who feel unloved by human fathers.  I ask that your presence would be so overpowering within their souls, they can't mistake it is YOU.  I pray these women can receive it and then like a vessel, be filled up and then pour out to their family and friends that they are loved and treasured by the Father who created them and their hearts will fill up with the knowledge of your Unfailing Love!


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