Saturday, March 27, 2010

I didn't see it coming...


Oh what is a Mother to do?
(Alert for my Mother-in-law... brace yourself)

My boy, my baby, came to me this morning and asked me to look something up online for him...

Tackle Football 

He saw my hesitation, he saw me stop breathing for a moment.  He said, "Mom, they do wear gear ya know."  Oh my stars, he KNEW what I was thinking.  I couldn't help it, I started smiling and he then he started smiling.  However, our smiles had entirely different meanings.  

 My little man lurves to watch sports.  He will easily sit through hours of a entire football game (with his Dad and I changing the channel during the garbage commercials) happy as a clam.  Early on when we'd ask him who he was rooting for, he'd reply... "The white shirts".  Last season he began learning players names and now he recognizes logos for teams.

I have to admit I think I have been in d-e-n-i-a-l.   Yes me... Nancy Drew... didn't think to THINK where this would lead too.  Me who laughed off the joke of when we played football in the backyard and he told me I was "off sides", yet it was only him and I playing and I had tackled him down with the faux pig skin tucked snugly in my arm.  I think he was trying to throw me off track.  Nah, not this former cheerleader, I know my offense and defense.  

"So"... he says, "would you please look it up for me?"  
He said please after all... 
the results..
SEVERAL teams for little people right here in town.  

I suddenly wished we lived in Montana... working a cattle ranch... (Heck my Man and I already get up at o'dark-thirty) I'd have some chickens that I'd call my "girls"... a couple of lambs and goats (for weed abatement because I hate pulling weeds).  My daughter and I could drive into town and shop for clothes cuz I can't sew.... well does sewing in junior high count?  
Well anyway, I've forgotten how to.  
I would be home schooling my kids and making biscuits~n~gravy with my eyes closed.  Oh wait, I already do that.  Miles away from Tackle Football.

I said, "Well I will have to think more about it and talk about it with Daddy."

Then he said, "Let's call Dad!"  Well Dad is fishing... now that's a sport!  

So he makes the call, shares his request and can you guess Dad's response?

""I'll have to talk to your Mom, son."

 Update -  We have said the big N-O to Tackle Football. 
However we are considering Flag Football for now...


2 Cha Cha Bloggers left a comment:

The Brown Recluse March 27, 2010 at 7:08 PM  

Try having that conversation with a little one who has hemophilia...

Miss Jean March 27, 2010 at 8:17 PM  

Oh, my, I feel for you. My son didn't have any ambition to play football. So far the oldest grandson likes soccer and since he has a heart condition, he probably couldn't play football anyway. The younger one is playing baseball, but he's only 8 and our little sportsman. So who knows, we'll probably have this same angst at sometime as you. It certainly not easy being a parent, is it?