Thursday, March 11, 2010

Recap for week 7 of BF


Recap for week 7 of BF!

We’ve made it through the 7th week – Yahoo! I learned a lot this week and I hope you did too!

Perhaps you were able to identify with Day 1 - how obedience / rebellion reflects the rewards / consequences for our behaviors from a Biblical perspective.

Or Day 2 - building a wall around yourself that your not going to let anyone or anything penetrate it, yet you find yourself not being able to experience what God’s plan is for you because you’ve become that cracked pot that is crumbling into isolation.

Or Day 3 – where we are crying out that we just want to be FREE! Yet without God’s word as our guide, we seek freedom in the wrong people, places and things.

Or Day 4 – where Beth explained the connection between our obedience and trust as children of God. Hence, her own story of rebellion as a child who learned not to trust adults. We learned that living by our own rules instead of God rules is unhealthy and leads us into bondage.

And finally Day 5 – I always enjoy day 5 of our homework, Beth always wraps it up in a positive message…. our lesson was about God’s daily presence in our lives. We learned in our study of Psalm 84 about our pilgrimage - “our journey”. Did you recognize the connections from the Garden of Eden story to the Footprints in the Sand poem? We were reminded to DAILY imagine ourselves on a path leading to a sacred place with God. In the chaos of daily life we often forget about the path we’ve set our feet upon. Our ultimate pilgrimage path - “journey” - is to Heaven!!! Not our place on the social ladder, not the wealth we’ve attained, not personal achievements of success, etc.

Day 5 reminded me of the benefits of waking up with God. At 4:45am, I roll out of bed and walk straight to the shower. Afterwards I take a seat at my vanity table and reach for my devotional reading because now I am AWAKE! It does feel like God illuminates my path when I do this because I'll ask Him to walk with me and so that I STAY on the path WITH Him throughout the day.  I ask Him to go before me clearing the enemy from the path. But... if I change the routine, my mojo is seriously out of focus and so is my day!

This weekend while attending the Sweet Life Café Conference, Lisa Whelchel... the real deal Christian by the way ~ she was very relatable and the story of how she met and got engaged to her husband is hilarious ~ talked about her long time friendship with Stormie Omartian of which I have several of her books and the lesson on Day 5 reminded me of another of Stormie's books called “Just Enough Light for the Step that I am on”.  I have the original book that came out in 1999 but more recently she has updated it like Beth did with this study and now the new book includes a study guide – hmmm that might be a good one for a future study! I remember it not being too meaty but perhaps for someone who struggles with the amount of homework like a Beth Moore study OR…. if you are just struggling through the day to day living on how to get into a routine of having that intimacy with God every day. I think you could benefit from her as Stormie is a gifted teacher on prayer and she teaches you how to pray through many, many issues.

Okay let’s pray!

Lord, I ask over every woman here that our feet stay on the path and in the direction You desire! That we will focus on the daily pursuit of knowing You, staying obedient to You and enjoying the intimacy of Your love. Please bless us as we continue to study and Break Free. Amen.


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LadyCat March 12, 2010 at 7:50 PM  

Thanks for the nice prayer. We all want to know what path the Lord wants us to take and we need His help in finding our way. Have a great weekend!