Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Persuasion... perhaps?

On Sunday, this adaption of Persuasion was shown on PBS Masterpiece Theatre and I enjoyed it. Actually, I enjoy all the adaptions. So far, I've read 3 out of her 7 most famous novels and you must agree that each person will have a different interpretation on what a book says to them in their own mind. The thing about the pre-Victorian era that I enjoy reading about so much is learning how different things were back then for women. Especially the waiting! And waiting! And waiting! Time went so slowly for women. Correspondence was slow by post. The thought of having to wait weeks and weeks to find out what happened at a ball or party, etc. and the thought of traveling 40 miles by carriage was a fatigue to even thing about! ha ha Women of high social rank could not earn their own income, thus they had to depend on family and marriages to secure thier finances. So much of their lives revolved around connections and social standing and who was invited to this or that ball. Wow, how far we've come from that!

Well, I've learned over the years that movie writers are no different. I love the long 4 and 5 hour mini series specials that really go into detail and try their best to hit all the passages in the book. Of course, some of these movie adaptions are condensed to just an hour and a half. I crack up reading all the posts of opinions that people have of this particular movie. Some are so loyal to the written word that no movie adaption will ever make the cut. I'm easy to please though and I'll be enjoying the next few months of Sunday evenings to the fullest! Did anyone else watch it or see this particular version?

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