Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ah, Saturday is here and so is Jane!

Ah, Saturday is here! But why am I not able to sleep in? Once I have been awakened by children or in today's case, a police siren, it's over... I don't fight it anymore, I just get up and start my day. Before I had children I slept like a log for hours and hours and hours. However, that all changed the day I felt the first kick in my stomach during my pregnancy with my daughter. My eyes flew open in astonishment! Her way of saying.... could you roll over to the other side please? ha ha Here is the view looking out my kitchen window. Know anybody who will paint my picket fence come spring?

But first I need..... well you know.. Coffee!
Well now with the house quiet, it is the perfect
time to catch up on my blog and read others.

But first I am happy to say that my children are all better now from their respective 24- hour flu and missed only a day of school. It was also the first week back to school from the Christmas holiday and they were both out of practice from the nightly homework routine. I always joke that I am getting a second education through reviewing homework with my kids. Oh and the math... grrrr... I always hated that. Thank goodness for calculators at my job! I've done 10-key for 20 years now and I rely on that and not my brain! Well this month homework is about Equations. Praise to God for the Internet though because the resources available are so great that it is not as stressful trying to get information because what your child tells you is not always exactly how it was explained during class, am I right? Of course! ha ha

Ah Saturday morning! Lots to do today! Need to finish up my sister's party crowns because my first batch didn't turn out the way I wanted. But I learned that metallic paint and glitter glue don't stick together so all my beautiful designs just slide right off when I held up the dry and finished project. Softly to the floor they fell! Gasp!!! So I went to the scrapbook store and got more sticker gems to make simple designs and I'm calling that good! I also need to firm up my menu and get my grocery list together for later in the week and run every other errand needed that didn't get done this week and finish putting up my Valentine decorations so my home will have the Winter/Romance theme! Remember when our Mother's looked like this while doing their shopping on Saturday mornings?

Well I was getting ready for work this week and what to my lovely eyes see on commercial!!!! JANE AUSTEN IS COMING TO MASTERPIECE THEATER ON PBS!!!! Yes, yes, starting tomorrow night and every Sunday evening for several weeks (over a month in my area) with a couple of repeat nights in case you miss an episode - check your own local listings! Now of all the productions listed in this collection series, I have only seen the BBC production of "Pride and Prejudice" and I think it is a Masterpiece for the gorgeous location shots, the period dress, the dialogue, the actors, etc.. (this is the movie I got for Christmas), so I am excited to see these other versions! Enjoy!

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Counting Your Blessings January 14, 2008 at 6:05 PM  

Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you posted this. It seems hard to believe but I have not read any of these books (though I KNOW I would love them) and I've only seen one of the movies. I can't wait to set about this task!!! Blessings.. .POlly