Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's raining.... Satellites!

Updated to explain magazine cover: It is raining here today and when I went to the store I saw this magazine (I couldn't find that magazine when I got home so I googled to try to find it and found this older version that was better than the other magazine cover that had presidental hopefuls on it) at the check out area. Looks like it is raining Satellites too! Yikes - in July 1979, this cover above made the front page of TIME magazine so this one must be more serious than previous fall outs... right?

Currently though, there is yet another US SPY satellite has lost it's power and will most likely fall down to the earth sometime in the next month or so. The article says the satellite is roughly the size of a small school bus and may contain hazardous fuel if it doesn't burn up in the entry of the atmosphere. The largest historical instance of uncontrolled entry was "Skylab" which crashed and burned in 1979 in the Indian Ocean and some of it spread into the western Australian outback. Wow, I bet it looks like a meterior! I was telling my son about this and he said, "Like Superman did when his bed crashed into earth?" Exactly! ha ha Then we both agreed that we should watch the 1978 Superman movie.... so we did! Wow that brought back a lot of memories! As soon as the music begins you KNOW it's the Superman theme. Like Star Wars or Jaws, you instantly recognize it! Superman is packed with drama, action, romance, great special effects for it's day in 1978... remember the helicopter scene! Christopher Reeve is truly the one and only Superman and always will be for me. Margot Kidder is a fantastic Lois Lane, witty yet beautiful, she is great! Gene Hackman is hilarious as Lex Luthor along with his henchman and henchwoman played by Ned Beatty and Valerie Perrenie. I laugh every time I hear him yell, "MS.TESENMACHERRRR!!!" The late and incredible Christopher Reeve truly was built for Superman. He embodied the character and created two completely different people to the point where you believed a pair of glasses and a different part in the hair was the perfect alter ego. His Clark Kent was goofy, sweet and honest but completely different from the strength and character of Superman. His Superman was tall, larger than life, strong, still honest! He was perfect and he looked both parts perfectly too and he will forever be known....in my books...as THE Superman!

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Counting Your Blessings January 30, 2008 at 7:22 AM  

He was indeed a hotty! I remember seeing the movies as a kid and thinking how amazing those eyes were - sigh. I haven't heard this about the satellite. I'll have to read up. Blessings.. Polly