Saturday, January 19, 2008

Melody... is Queen for a Day!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! You are invited to a Royal Tea Birthday Party for my sister Melody who is turning 45 yrs old this month! This is me ready to greet the royal guests! But first I must say to my other sister Elaine who could not join us today because she was sick with the flu....
we really missed you!

Let's make sure everything is ready! Napkins folded with a keepsake favor!

Prizes are ready!

Decorations are ready!

Tea Table is ready!
Hmmm, but is our Queen for a Day ready? But of course she is!
Allow me to present to you...
Queen Melody!
Isn't she lovely! Melody surprised her royal guests by arriving in a full length gown fit for...
a Queen!
Me and my sister Melody!
Our beautiful Mother and Melody!
My Mom, Melody and Me!
Our guests are now arriving and here is Jenifer! Love the outfit Jenifer! In fact, Jenifer is looking very much from the royal family today!
Erin arrives! Ahh, isn't she lovely! I love these hats!
My best friend Erin and me!
My niece Jackie who is wearing her own Tiara today as she is getting married next year and she will be using this Tiara as part of her wedding outfit! She is going to be a BEAUTIFUL bride!

This is my boy who is recovering from being sick the past 2 days. Look at those eyes! Seriously he needs to get a nap in tomorrow because he is not looking so good! Here he is telling me that this whole "girlie" party is ..... BORING!!!! ha ha

Well let the fun begin! This is Ann, one of my Mom's oldest friends, they have known eachother for over 40 years. We use to live across the street from eachother.

Well if you come to my house for a party, you can expect to play some games and today was no different! Our first game was how well did our royal guests know their stuff! It was a Princess Diana quiz because Melody was a big fan of her. A stalker really.... no just kidding, Melody! ha ha

And the winner is.... the Queen Mother!!! She knew 7 out of 10 questions! Fancy that!

Okay, who is ready for dessert?! Melody says... I am! I am!
That's my girl, let's eat the treats!

I made these delicious treats! It is a dark chocolate cup filled with cheesecake and topped with assorted berries!

Erin made these beeeeeeautiful Crown shaped sugar cookies! Isn't she the best?! Doesn't matter what kind of gathering we have, she always asks what can she bring or what can she do to help! She is so sweet, she'd give you a cavity!

Next up were chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and sparkling sugar!

Here is my boy again after a little lunch and treats! The color is coming back to his face now! He thinks it's a great party now because he can listen to music on his sister's headphones.

Table talk.....

Melody is enjoying her birthday party!

Erin and my daughter having some quiet girl talk together. Adorable!

Well here I am looking very satisfied that everything is going better than I had hoped! Everyone is smiling and having fun. I think we are ready for another game!
Erin... are you ready to kiss a frog?

Huh? Excuse me? Did you say... kiss a FROG?

That's right! Think pin the tail on the donkey game... it's pin the lips on the Frog!

We were having so much fun I forgot to take a picture of the game but here is our winner.. Ann!

Here is Ann holding her tiara crown candle that I made....
(see previous posts for a more close up shot of what it looks like!)

Okay Melody - time to open birthday presents!

Here is a beautiful handmade card from Jackie to her Mom!

Next up is chocolate and a good thriller crime book!

Yahoo! A beautiful three tiered serving tray that folds up for easy storage too!

Here is Melody opening a small package.. Hmm, good things come in small packages!

Yes, indeed! Gold and Silver earrings from our Mom.

Thanks Mom, I love them!

And a beautiful Royal Albert china tea cup especially designed for the month of January!

The New Hat Society!

Oh and did I tell you?! Hostess gifts were up next! YES!!!!
Seriously though, I received beautiful and thoughtful gifts!

Jenifer got me these sassy English Quote cards!
For example... a "Fortenight" means a 2 week period. Here's another one... It's all gone Wonky! Which means things are unstable, not well! ha ha I just love them!

Yipee!!! Serving tongs!! I have this thing for appliances and entertaining items!

My final prize of the day was given for the best "Royal outfit". Jenifer captured my eye the moment she walked in the door as she just captured that very British Royal look. It's the hat, yep definitely the hat!
Well now that the party is nearly over, it's time to hand out the favors!

Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party!
Ah Thank You! It was a lovely time! When can we do it again? Perhaps the spring? A Hat Box party! Hmmm, we are on to something here!
Ah the guests have left and our Birthday Queen is plum tired out! Well Melody, did you enjoy being Queen for a Day? Her reply.... Absolutely!
Okay, well there is one thing left to do and that is clean up!
Oh and by the way.... Erin... you left your scarf here! Don't I look adorable in it?! ha ha

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