Thursday, January 31, 2008



Jane Austen Regrets?

This Sunday, hmmmm what to watch? The never ending Superbowl commercials that are absolutely garbage or the premiere of the new biopic on Jane Austen's later years, Miss Austen Regrets. Check your local PBS listings. From the reviews I've read... Jane is approaching her fortieth birthday and still unmarried (She died herself at the age of 41 due to illness). When asked by her young niece, Fanny, to help her choose potential husbands, Jane's confidence is threatened as she finds herself looking back on her own previous suitors and the choices she has made. Based on the life and letters of Jane Austen, this movie tells the story of the novelist's final years, examining why, despite setting the standard for romantic fiction, she died having never married or met her own Mr. Darcy. Despite her talent, Jane is human. According to the movie (and the letters on which it is based) Jane liked to dance, flirt, and drink wine. While her words and actions are those of an independent woman, she is a product of her times. She cannot go out and make a living. She must depend on the men in her life (brothers) to act as her agents.

"The more I know of the world, the more I am convinced that I shall never see a man whom I can really love."— Jane Austen in Sense and Sensibility

Actress, Olivia Williams is playing Jane in this movie and I rather like her look. She looks the age and the part.

Hmmm, so what to do until then? Make bread of course! I'm being lazy today and making Bridgford frozen bread - I LOVE THIS STUFF! So easy too. Right now my loaf is rising like a fluffy pillow! Hmmm, now what kind of soup to go along with it?

Updated... Hours later..........

My family agreed that Peanut Butter will top the first slices! Mmmm, I couldn't agree more!

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