Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Boy has time

Thanks Erin for reminding me to write this down as it's a Keeper! Oh my... boy! Recently while giving my son a bath, he told me that he could tell time on the clock now. I thought, wow, he's only in Kindergarten and he can read the time - well that's why I pay the big bucks for his education - right!? I asked him to explain it to me and he said that the "Big" hand was for the minutes and the "Small" hand was for the hour. Hmmm, so far so good I'm thinking and then he asked me what the red hand was for. I told him it was for the "Seconds". He thought about it for a minute and then asked me what was the "Firsts" hand? Well son, there is no "Firsts", just seconds. Then he says, "No Mom, not the "Seconds", I want to know about the "Firsts". I said that there were no "Firsts" and that the "Seconds" hand tells you how many "Seconds" are in the "Minutes". Then out of no where... a little SPLASH of water is in my face as my son threw his arms up and then down in frustration. Well I started laughing because it was starting to sound like Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First" baseball routine. Well my laughter only got me wetter because I didn't know anything in my son's opinion because if there was a "Seconds" hand, there HAD to be a "Firsts" hand and then he tells me... "Mom, just forget it!"

Splish Splash - Mom doesn't know time!

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