Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday, Monday...(ba-da ba-da-da-da)

My daughter told me yesterday that she thinks she is all better now and by all appearances she does look it. We think it is the 24 hour flu. But now guess who has it? My son - He got sick starting at 11:30pm last night. But since we are home another day for her at home won't hurt either. She'll be thrilled when she wakes up to know she can go downstairs now and escape her room. ha ha That reminds me I need to call the school for their absence today.

I had a little cabin fever yesterday so I went to my favorite place to get a few things thinking I would have to pack lunches today. I cannot resist the lure of the supermarket. I came out shaking my head having somehow managed to spend twice the amount of money I intended to spend before I was seduced by a whole load of things I don't need. Such as? Well let me see...
Christmas items in the clearance bin! A package of Valentine hearts that will be perfect for next month. Three magazines. A variety of cheeses. Chocolate chip muffins. A fun pack of glittery gel pens. Why? Why? Why?? I swear supermarkets are dangerous when your on financial lockdown. Is it just me? Does greed get the better of you in the treat aisle? And to top it off, Chocolate chip muffins! I could have easily made them myself but on a day like yesterday of pure exhaustion.... why? I'll let my cooking twin do it instead... see video clip below and enjoy!

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