Friday, December 28, 2007

Need Coffee

I need coffee and lots of it. Seems like I just can't shake this post Christmas sluggish feeling. I found this vintage coffee photo and loved it. I got another book earlier this month and the pictures are just classic. Women cleaning the house in dresses and heels, yeah riiiiight! Boy things have changed! Men in ties at the dinner table, etc. But I have to admit, it was a better time and it still has class. Probably why I enjoy the pictures so much.

Can't wait to go to Barnes and Noble today... I've been looking at some items there I'd really like to get and now I can! Yahoo! Maybe I'll find new vintage books too! Speaking of books, have you seen all the new diet books coming out this week. Yea you know it's the last week of the year when people talk about their New Year's resolutions and diet is at the top of the list. Well I am no different... as the saying goes, it should really be a lifestyle and not a thing you do when your clothes are so tight, it makes you have good posture. ha ha Well it's lunch time and I still need to take a shower but first I'll make the family some lunch. Hmmmm think they'll go for turkey sandwiches? Probably, it' been a few days! ha ha

UPDATE: I was at Barnes and Noble for 3 hours and could not decide on a book. There were 3 in mind that I wanted but they didn't have them in stock, sooooo instead I bought the BBC Jane Austen DVD collection.... Oh I love it!

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