Monday, September 14, 2009

What I did this summer - Part 7

"What I did this summer - Part 7"

We traveled a bit to see a historic yet still working farm that covered a huge amount of land, so we did a lot of walking and walking and more walking. The kids had gone here during their summer program and returned home saying WE HAD TO GO and spend the day there because we would love it. They were right! And because we have a annual park membership, we didn't have to pay all the entrance fees. Yea!
I lurved the long entrance we walked to approach the main buildings. It was lovely. Made me think I was in the South!

At the fork in the path, we decided to head towards the farm area to see what was there first and it was the Blacksmith! They were working on a sword and it was Africa hot in there. I asked the gentleman if he took breaks due to the heat and he said that he was used to it but did drink a lot of water because of the sweat. He also said he pretty much eats what ever he wants from all the exercise. Lucky guy.. has a job he loves!

This was the original blacksmith stove... mighty small compared to the new one installed many years ago.

Then we walked to the outdoor building that had the original farm equipment stored and we saw this original carriage the family used.

This particular machine had John Deere painted on it.

When we turned around this beautiful Peacock came strolling by. It's plume of feathers had seen better days as there weren't many left.

It was so hot the animals were pretty mellow and stayed in the shady areas.

We stopped here to get some water to splash on ourselves to cool off.

Then we walked to the main house. When we rounded the corner of tall trees, I was struck at the awesome sight of the house. It was huge! It would make a perfect location for a movie.

Once inside the house, we were greeted by a volunteer guide who led us through the house. This particular room was the main parlor were visitors were received. The equivalent of our living room... you know the room where the kids aren't allowed because it has the good furniture. We were told the majority of the furniture is original from the owners with only a few pieces of reproductions.

This is the original light that hangs in the entry way. Beautiful!

Again, original woodwork. Remember this photo as you will see it again below when I took a picture of the family photo album and there is a young woman standing on the stairwell and you can see this arch woodwork above her.

This bible is over 100 years old.

When we rounded the top of the stairs we entered a ladies bedroom. It still has the original wallpaper too.

Oh my stars, check this out! I can't even imagine how you sit down in this thing.

A couch in the bedroom, I lurve it!

Here we are in another bedroom where our guide shows the kids how the bed sheets were warmed up in the winter.

I lurved this chase lounge! I could easily enjoy afternoon tea with my BFF sitting on that.

Self Portrait in the mirror!

The bathroom next to the bedroom.

Next was the children's play room. It was lovely as it faced south and the sunlight lit the room.

This is the Nanny's room.

Here we are in the kitchen and my Girl is learning how to use the old fashion toaster.

The guide told us if the day hadn't been soooo hot, the other volunteer would have been baking cookies for us visitors. She said to return at the holidays and they would do it for sure as the weather is cooler and the house and property is decorated with original decorations! My sister and I will BE going back!

Here my boy is trying to lift the HEAVY iron that was used to press clothes.

I lurved this room! It holds the dishes. A room devoted to dishes! Sigh....

This picture doesn't do this silver tea/coffee set justice, it is beautiful!

This room is right off the dining room. It's where the men retreated to have their Port and smoke their pipes. Even my boy said it was a manly room.

The other side of the dining room was the ladies parlor. We were told it was later changed from a parlor atmosphere, to her sewing room.

Off the sewing room was the library. It was very small, not many shelves but it did have this lovely record player that the guide played for us. It still sounded pretty good!

Looks like the Mahjong tile game!

Now this final room was the family room. This is where the family spent the majority of their time together. It also had it's own piano. It was a lovely room!

Remember above when I said to look for this photograph... you'll see the upper left is the one where the woman is standing on the stairwell and the beautiful arch made of wood is above her.

Can you see the beautiful and intricate details in the way the floor design was layed?

Once outside, we took a rest on the porch chairs and talked about our tour. The kids loved sharing their experience inside.

After we rested, we decided to follow another path to see where it would lead us. My boy found a huge tree that he and his sister were chasing each other around and around and around. Made me dizzy watching them. Oh to have that much energy!

This picture below is of the bird house but the heavy chicken wire didn't allow for good pictures of the beautiful birds inside.

I decided to take a rest from all the walking under a shady tree while the kids went to look at more animals.

Me and my boy!

Then we spied yet another beautiful path that invited us to explore!

We unknowingly found the area where they have weddings on the property. It was beautiful. Tucked away in the shrubs and trees were old victorian type lamps that I'm sure lit the evenings with a romantic atmospher!

Well after a long day of walking and visiting this huge historic farm, we are tired and hungry, so it's time to make the long drive home. We stopped at the farm stand on the way out and picked up some fruit and veggies. We washed them off before we left and ate the fruit on the way home. It was delicious!


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petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? September 14, 2009 at 6:56 AM  

Love, love, love! It's the details, details, details. Just lovely! :))

jax September 14, 2009 at 11:02 AM  

I think I went there for a school field trip once and we got to pick a pumpkin because it was so close to Halloween. Too bad things aren't as elegant as they used to be *sigh*

MuseSwings September 14, 2009 at 12:53 PM  

Beautiful! I love your pictures - I feel like I'm right there with you!
Speaking of fun things to do - we are having the 2nd annual Indian Summer picnic on the 22nd! Please come!

Marie Antionette September 15, 2009 at 2:37 PM  

This is one of the best post I
ve read in awhile.Loved it.The pictures are stunning.What a beautiful old home farm.I raise peacocks ,and yes it time there beautiful tails go bye buye,,Thenthey will grow back longer.For the spring mating season.They are wonderful birds.I also have three white ones.I'm so happy you all had a wonderful time.Even if you did have to walk alot. XXOO Marie Antionette

Tea Time With Melody September 20, 2009 at 8:27 AM  

I just love this place. I have always wanted a house inside and out to be just like this one. I liked it so much I have memorized the layout to this day. lol