Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Blessings

My daughter sent me a text soon after the news of the Boston Marathon bombings went viral...
She was afraid of something happening in our city...
I told her we can't live in fear from all the evil garbage around us
and to remember this is just our temporary home.
I also told her if she is feeling scared or anxious when watching the news coverage
(seriously its on every channel at the moment)
to look for the helpers, look for people helping other people
as well as police, firemen and emergency responders.
People helping other people or as I like to say
Jesus with skin on.
My favorite video footage from the news coverages is within seconds of the first blast there are two EMT's pushing a gurney to begin... helping.
I also have to share what my friend Kim shared with me...
'Here is the miracle and blessing of the day... This horrific attack took place at the Boston Marathon - where they prepare for runners to be injured and sick. There was a triage center ...set up with over 1,000 beds and medical staff to attend to those beds. There were more resources at that location than any other local hospital or medical facility. Had that not been the case, the death toll would have been astounding and the attackers would have been much more successful in their attack....'

 My heart goes out to the families of not only the people injured but to the emergency responders and their families.  Praise God for his blessings as He knew this was going to happen before we did and he already knows the outcome!

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