Friday, May 28, 2010

Cars and Music

Last week we had some fun in the sun and spent the day listening to great live christian music along with a car show that raised money for the US Armed Forces!

We don't have one of those fancy tents so we camped out under a HUGE tree

Actually this simple Ford truck was the one I liked the most.  Not all fancy, just clean with a nice paint job.  Everyone should have a truck ya know.  

Here was our snack!  Lurve chips and salsa!

We drank LOTS of water!

We shared a YUMMY strawberry funnel cake!

We even met a new little furry friend... Lizzie!

Kids and animals... they just go together!


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the voice of melody May 28, 2010 at 8:51 AM  

A great big tree sounds like the perfect spot to enjoy some shade, plus you don't have to pack it and set it up!

And oh my goodness, that strawberry funnel cake looks so yummy! I have to admit I've never had a funnel cake in my life although I have seen them at every fair I have been to. Gives me something else to put on my to-do list, right?! Hope you enjoyed it. :)