Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pie in the face for JESUS!

At our church, the children's ministry has a once a month event for Missions. The goal for the children is to save their Mission's Tithe to try to win amazing prizes. The top 3 givers get to put 2 pies each in a volunteers face. My daughter has been on the volunteer (to be pied) waiting list and this month her name came up! Yahoo!

The line begins!

Ready... set... PIE!!!

Yea! See the next pie piled high with whipped cream!

A gentle direct hit!

This winner opts for a different approach! Top of the head!

Ha! Ha! Icko!

Another gentle face plant with pie!

And if that wasn't enough pie, let's add the last of the whipped cream~!

All in the name of Jesus! Yahoo! That's my girl!

Getting cleaned up.

Yea I can see again! That was fun, I want to do it again!

Sunday school has never been more fun than today Mom!

Tithing for Missions ROCKS!

Amen to that!

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