Monday, May 12, 2008

National Apron Day!

The day after Mother's Day is National Wear Your Apron Day! My jean apron is from Suzanne Somers and it's all sparkle and bling! It's a long apron and I love it, because I am a messy baker / cook and need to cover up to save my clothes from getting stains on them. I wear it to do dishes in to because that's usually a mess to. I really adore skirt aprons but I just can't wear them because the mess usually ends up on my blouse, thus the reason I need a fully loaded, top to bottom apron!

Aprons create memories dont they? Most of us have memories of a Mother or Grandmother wearing their aprons for cooking and cleaning to protect their clothing. Most of my generation probably doesn't even own one. We have gotten away from wearing aprons with clothing being so inexpensive... JC Penney has a huge sale going on right now, wish I could go... and a better way of cleaning our clothes with our fancy machines and dryers.

A blog that I read daily (I'm bummed I didn't win her amazing handmade apron give away!), reminded me to wear mine today and who would have thought I would be because instead of being at work, I'm home with two sick children. So what have I done in it today? Emptied the dishwasher then loaded it again, put a whole cut up chicken in the crock-pot with some flavor that will be deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious for dinner and next I need to go think up something to make for lunch. Perhaps soup?

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