Saturday, May 10, 2008

Anne turns 100 years old!

Anne Shirley that is...

The book Anne of Green Gables has it's 100 birthday anniversary this year! The book by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery was published in 1908 and continued the story of Anne Shirley in a series of sequels. Like Jane Austen, could she have known the phenomenon of followers around the world she would create?

My love (okay... obsession) for the story was based on a made for television
4 hour television mini series in 1985 Anne of Green Gables, with Megan Follows as Anne and Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert.

A few years later Anne of Avonlea: The Continuing Story of Anne of Green Gables, another mini series followed with the same wonderful cast. This one is my favorite as my poor VHS tape will vouch for!

The last in the mini series sequel was Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story However..... this script was not based on any of the novels written by the author, so it doesn't have the same squeal for me .

I would love to go to Prince Edward Island in Canada this year as
they are hosting celebrations all year long devoted to all things Anne!
Check it out here! So to all my PG friends reading this and
perhaps wanting to know what I'd like for my birthday or Christmas?
The DVD trilogy set! (hint hint)

So how do you know if your obsessed?
(Here is a mirage of answers from other Anne obsessed bloggers!)

When you scream at the top of your lungs whenever it comes on PBS, even though you own the videos.
When you scream at the top of your lungs whenever anyone informs you that they have never heard of Anne Shirley!

When someone asks you why you like Anne Shirley so much, you give them a lecture on how awesome Anne and Gilbert are!

When you find yourself talking about the books to someone who obviously doesn't care.

When you scream "I LOVE YOUUUU" when Gil leaves with the train after he's met Anne in Kingsport.

When you have to write a paper on somehow manage to slip Anne in somewhere.

When you watch the movies to either find the bloopers and then you yell at Anne when she's a jerk to Gilbert. ha ha!

Your favorite drink is raspberry cordial.

You refer to your best friend as your "bosom friend".

You've searched every cookbook you can find as well as the internet searching for the recipe for plum puffs.

When ever you have to spell the word "chrysanthemum", you feel compelled to give "that look" to the person next to you when you say the "E".

You plan on having at least 37 doilies when you get married...because it would be impossible to keep house with only 36 doilies!

When at the supermarket, you can't help but look for "Rollings Reliable Baking Powder".

You smile, roll your eyes and say, "20 pounds of brown sugar!" whenever you see brown sugar.

You at least nod when passing a person...out of "elementary good breeding".

You would never be so greedy as to drink 3 tumblers full of anything!

You have Anne desktop or sounds or your computer.

You try for hours on end to style your hair up like a Gibson Girl.

“Good Grief” and “Great Jehosophat” have snuck into your vocabulary.

At some point you have researched why there are red roads on Prince Edward Island.

You bring the Anne of Green Soundtrack with you wherever so you can have it as background music.

You begin to look for physical and psychological characteristics of Gilbert in your boyfriend or dates.

You re-read the wedding proposals from Gilbert and want to slug Anne when she refuses.

You start crying at the site of Gil's face when Anne refuses to marry him (both times!) when you are watching Anne of Avonlea.

You want to jump on the train with Gil after he talks with Anne at the footbridge and gives her the note on the success of her play .

When you ask to yourself, "What Anne would do if she was in the same situation" before to answer something.

If you want red hair. (My niece Jackie is so lucky!) If you have red hair and you say that the are auburn.

If you called the person who always spread gossip around town Rachel Lynd.

If you create a webpage about Anne. Hmm, does a blog entry count? Yep, I think so!

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