Thursday, May 22, 2008

Smooth... Bold... colors!

Smooth... Bold... Colors! What could that possibly be? It is my new pen obsession for Papermates' newest pen! It's a BOLD TIP of 1.4 and I love the retractable feature (they also make it non-retractable). I've always preferred the thicker pen tips. Don't even get me started on those icko fine tip pens... nasty! Well yesterday my boss surprised me with a colorful pack of these beauties from THE DOLLAR STORE!!!!! That's right, 4 pens for a buck! Fun colors too... orange, fuscia pink, green and turquoise! Love it! Love it! Love it! Of course I have the purple, red, blue and black colored set above as well. Well..... I made such a fuss about how much I appreciated the pens, that my pod neighbors rolled over to see what was going on. Usually I only get that excited about an appliance. They noticeably rolled their eyes when they saw it was just a pen. Oh no, my friends, these are not just any pens! These are BOLD TIP PENS!!!! If you don't like fine tip pens either, go out and get yourself one of these beauties and you'll be hooked. Yes, thank me now. (sound of applause) Of course, I had to defend my new pens and displayed all their features better than Vanna on Wheel of Fortune!

Now this is funny! All this fun sparked debate on who makes the BEST pen. Zebra, Papermate, Pilot, Parker, Cross, TomBow (what the heck is that!), Orbit, Gel Rollerball, Pentel, Dr. Grip rollerball, Sensa, Mont Blanc and that's all my mind could wrap around to remember! Now don't tell me people don't know their pens! Their likes and dislikes! They are just as obsessive as me about whether they like BOLD, medium or icky Fine tip.

Tonight while looking for a picture to post here, I searched pens and found A TON of posts about people who LOVE pens. Pen collectors, OCD pen buyers, pen contests, etc. and they are willing to shell out the big bucks for them too! Some pens cost hundreds of dollars.. each!

So to wrap this up, I'll share with you my second favorite type of pen. It's a Fountain pen. Yep, that's right... the old fashion fountain, calligraphy style pen. Personally, I enjoy Sheaffer because they make the ink tube attachments for easy traveling in my purse and they are affordable. I also like the felt tip calligraphy pens but the tips tend to wear out quickly because I press hard. But I'll leave that for another post!

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