Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Grand Sunday!

What a glorious Sunday it is turning out to be already! Our kids had a sleep-over with Grandma and I had a date with my man last night... we saved up our gift cards from the holidays and had a lovely dinner of WAY TOO MUCH FOOD at Black Angus. Ya know those Sunday coupons that have the Dinner for Two coupon? Well we used it and I can assure you that y'all better wear elastic clothing because it truly is too much food. I had a corner of the house bread they bring you, then we had the spinach/shrimp/cheese hot appetizer with toasted buttered chips (oooo delicious). Next up was soup or salad. I chose the salad because the soup was Baked Potato and I already knew I wanted the real tater with my meal. For my entree I chose the Ribeye steak and baked potato and sauteed veggies. My man had the Prime Rib. Then if that wasn't enough food already.... you get to choose a dessert. Because I love ice cream, you guessed it, we chose their famous Mud Pie! Oh-me-oh-my! I made a dent in just about everything but a family of four could probably finish this meal. Seriously!

Today we will officially become members of our new church that we've been attending the last 9 months. I can't believe how quickly time has passed already. I remember saying our goodbye's to our old church of nearly 12 years on Labor Day last year. For those of you who were there, the outdoor movie ~ Jungle Book ~ was the best I think, don't you?

So what makes today so Grand? Well the weekends are when I get caught up on all my blog reading and it was soooo nice to enjoy it this morning in quiet abandon! Since my bible study ended a few weeks ago, I've been searching for another structured study to do over the summer but it's been difficult to find something that engages me since I'll have to do this on my own until the next group bible study starts in the Fall. Well I found a blog today that hooked me! It's called the One Year Bible Blog! It includes fun, interactive links that take you around the Internet within the reading for further study and insight. And my favorite, fun pictures to help illustrate the reading.

Today's reading was on Obedience. I encourage you to take a look and enjoy God's word today!

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