Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jenifer's Spring Tea!

Jenifer's Spring Tea!
Come and join the fun...

A beautiful table decorated with gorgeous roses greeted

us as we made our way into the dining room.

The menu was delicious! My favorites were the lemonade and lemon cookies!

(I know, I know... big surprise since I love anything lemon!)

Jenifer had us laughing at the fun games she had prepared for us.

We did Tea Bingo which was a lot of fun! She created her own Bingo boards

and for the chips, she had made darling picture pieces of different

tea cup themes! Nice Job Jenifer! Our next game was a Tea themed

word search game, but we were no match for Jenifer's darling

Mother, who finished the game first!

(brace yourself now because this is really good...

the climactic part of this blog entry really)

But a twist of fate was in my favor as she later realized

she hadn't completed the puzzle after all and insisted that

she must decline the lovely prize of these Note Cards filled with tea bags!

Do I have to tell you who got those lovely cards?

(YES!!!! God is better than He has to be!)

After the delicious lunch and a lot more laughter of funny stories,
it was time for gifts! Hostess gifts!

Well the party is nearly over and it's time for dessert but
I was so distracted by the dessert tray that I forgot to
take a photo. Instead I came up with this idea...

But it doesn't stop there because Jenifer blessed her guests

with sweet gifts of Beautiful Rose themed Post It Notes in a darling

Heart shaped jeweled drawstring bag! I love it! I love stationary... period!

At times I don't think I could overdose on sugar, but apparently I can!

I'm starting to fantasize about thick juicy steaks and salty chips!

Thank you Jenifer for a lovely afternoon! See you again in July for

my annual Patriotic Tea Party!

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Miss Jean May 1, 2008 at 6:46 PM  

What a wonderful tea party. You have given me lots of idea. How do you play tea bingo?