Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Special Fishing Day

Hmmm, what should we do this Saturday that
doesn't cost alot of money? GO FISHING!!

And so we did! The kids jumped out of bed before the sun came up,
while I rolled out of bed and headed downstairs
to immediately make a pot of coffee!

Now isn't that a beauty! We got to the water early to pick our
spot on the bank and I turned around to look at the water and saw the beautiful reflection of the sunrise on the water.

Reminds of some pages I just read in Anne of Green Gables...
"So I took the brooch. I thought I could put it back before you came home. I went all the way around by the road to lengthen out the time. When I was going over the bridge across the Lake of Shining Waters I took the brooch off to have another look at it. Oh, how it did shine in the sunlight! And then, when I was leaning over the bridge, it just slipped through my fingers--so--and went down--down--down, all purply-sparkling, and sank forevermore beneath the Lake of Shining Waters. And that's the best I can do at confessing, Marilla."
(see previous post to learn more about that)

Another beautiful look at the water!

My boy settles in to make his own version of a fishing pole. (Adorable!)

Well I am NOT pioneer woman so when I go along these fishing trips I am the Official Bathroom Chauffeur! I drive them to the NICE bathrooms so they don't have to use the outhouses - EEWW - ICKO - GROSS! So I usually bring along something to do and today it was my bible study. As you can see my pages are filled with colored ink. Aren't bible studies more fun when you use colored pens?! Currently I'm studying the book of 2nd Samuel... GOOD !
I was a couple hours deep into my reading when I looked up at the water to think about something I was studying when my eyes shifted to the ground underneath my lady like crossed legs. Silently and slooooooowly a snake was passing through.
A SNAKE... I yelled while my lap of papers, bible and notebook went flying in many directions! My Man came to my rescue and assured me it was... just a Gopher snake honey. JUST A GOPHER SNAKE! Ladies, I don't know about you but I don't like snakes. I don't like them disguised as rides in theme parks either! Nor the Serpent in the Garden or the one in my business. And absolutely not the one trying to interrupt my bible study!
All the old men on the nearby fishing dock got a good laugh when they realized it was not a rattlesnake and I was out of danger. They'll regret they laughed someday! This city girl knows how to make a mean HUMBLE PIE who will gladly bring some along to share with them the next time we go fishing and see those early risers at the dock!
Here it is... it was easily over 2 feet long.
Time to break out the picnic basket! Peanut Butter and Jelly just takes better when you lean against an old tree doesn't it?

My boy patiently waits for a fish to bite. (Adorable isn't he?)

My girl is tracking butterflies. She's quick too! Catches them in her hands with lighting speed!

A nice, fat Blue Gil! They taste alright but they have too many bones to make it worth it in my opinion! But we brought it home anyway for the kids to have for dinner.

Well now it's time to celebrate! Popsicles!

All this excitement has wore us out and the sun is going down. Time for Parents to get their stinky, fish smelling children into the bathtub filled to the ceiling with bubbles! As we were leaving, this little family of ducks was doing the same. Great picture huh?!
While uploading the pictures this lovely photo appeared. Hmmm! My man is in BIG trouble for putting that stinky, smelling, slimy fish on my WOOD ABSORBING cutting board! AGAIN! This isn't his first offense mind you. I've told him before but he fiend ignorance that he didn't "remember" when I brought it to his attention. Yeah... right! Well now I gotta go disinfect a lovely Williams Sonoma Birthday gift from my best girlfriends!

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