Saturday, April 5, 2008

Been tagged lately?

I've been seeing another one that I haven't ever done before and wanted steal it! So thanks, Amanda!

What I was doing 20 years ago - Spring of 1988
1. Working a full time job.
2. Spending a lot of time with my friends because I had a roommate at the time.
3. Figuring out what to do on the weekends since I worked all week.
4. Trying to live on minimum wage to have my own place instead of a room mate!
5. Getting my nails done every other week.

Five things on my to-do list today
1. Do chores around the house, then play with my kids.
2. Help my husband get out the door to a retirement party.
3. Bible study homework.
4. Get my sister's birthday lunch ready for tomorrow.
5. Call my friends and catch up on everything going on over the hill.

Five snacks I enjoy
1. Cheese, Salami and crusty french bread.
2. Pretzels.
3. Tiger's Milk protein bars
4. Bionicle (it's a mexican thing of mixed fruit, sweet cream and granola!)
5. 7-layer dip.

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire
1. Tithe big.
2. Travel around the world.
3. Help ourselves, our families, and our friends pay off debt.
4. Give to organizations that are translating the Bible into all kinds of languages.
5. Finish the landscaping at my house.

Five of my bad habits
1. Not doing the chores.
2. Wasting time on the computer!
3. Waiting too long between haircuts.
4. Wait too long between grocery trips and run out of stuff.
5. Lately forgetting to take my coupons with me into the store!

Five places I have lived
1. With my parents.
2. With roommates.
3. Lived alone.
4. Lived with my hubby and children.
5. Hmm, that's it!

Five jobs I've had
1. Government.
2. Administrator for a tax firm; Had privledges to the moon, got free stuff all the time! Life was good because I was poor!
3. Sold siding and cabinets.
4. Worked for a private personal security company.
5. Breastfeeding both my children for the first nine months of their lives. The hardest job I've ever done! But worth it when I think about how many hours I spent holding my little babies who have hardly sat still in my lap since.

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