Saturday, June 7, 2008

Heard from the Family Room

I was in the dining room clearing dishes from breakfast when I heard this conversation from my kids (ages 5 & 8) watching National Velvet in the family room nearby...
Daughter: How old do you think he is? (referring to Mickey Rooney)

Son: I think he's about 25.

Daughter: Well I think he's about 20 years old.

Son: Look at her eyes, they look the color purple! (referring to Elizabeth Taylor)

Daughter: Your right! MOM! LOOK! Her eyes are purple!

Me: Yep! You're right, they do look purple. Now that you mention it, I remember reading that when she was young her eyes were referred to as Violet.

Again a few minutes later....

Mickey Rooney's character says that he doesn't have anything left in him...

Son: Why doesn't he have anything left in him?

Daughter: Because he doesn't.

Son: You mean he doesn't have any more blood in him?

Daughter: Nah, it just means he doesn't believe in himself anymore.

Son: Why did he stop believing?

Daughter: He just gave up I guess.

Son: Must have been the beer he drank. (In an previous scene he gets drunk)

Daughter: Yep. That was dumb, they shouldn't even have beer in the movie.

Children don't miss a thing!!! Classic example that children are wiser than they are given credit for. As for myself, it was proud moment to hear the dumb beer coment!

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