Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Baby it's cold outside

Well now I've done it.... I've got a cold! Bummer - oh well, at least it will slow down my pace a bit. I slept terrible last night, awake for nearly 3 hours. Don't you just hate that! I tried to read, didn't help. I tried to play my hand held game, didn't help. I tried to watch TV, didn't work! UGH! Then of course, I started thinking of grocery shopping items to get this weekend... blah blah blah! All I wanted to do is sleep - ha ha ha! Tonight I didn't go to church with the family, instead I stayed home to get some rest and curled up in my blanket and watched a movie on TV. We have comcast cable that offers free movies so I chose the Classic TCM (Turner Classic Movies) channel and stumbled upon a absolutely lovely movie! It's called "The Enchanted Cottage" made in 1945 with Robert Young (Oooh so handsome) and the beautiful Dorothy McGuire - funny how I recognized her from watching the Swiss Family Robinson movie as she plays the Mother character! Two scarred people are transformed by love when they live in an enchanted cottage. But the simple message throughout this movie is that kindness and thoughtfullness are a very powerful thing!

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