Saturday, December 15, 2007

Anything else I can add to my list?

Well Thanksgiving arrived and our video camera batteries, yes both of them, died! I was so mad! I can't really complain though because they both lastest for 8 years, longer than manual said they would last but I was upset because it happened on Thanksgiving and of course there was no store open to get another one. To replace them both will cost about $100.00, so now it's on the list of things to buy. We had a lovely holiday though, I ended up hosting it and made all the hot food while my sister brought the cold food and desserts and my parents brought drinks! My nephew came over too and my mom was over the moon happy! My nephew that came for dinner, speaks fluent French and writes poems. He is a good writer. His brother has a part time job at the movie theater near us and of course Thanksgiving Day is a big day for movies to be released so he had to work because he is a Assistant Manager. He is also going to college and is a fine young man too!

We had my son's Christmas program on Monday and it was so cute! The Kindergarten class sang a lot of songs and my precious boy was a Wise Man from the story of Jesus' birth. I didn't even know he had a role until the night of the performance! All this time he has been telling me that he is just singing so as we were getting ready to go he tells me he has to wear a white T-shirt (like an undershirt) and I asked him why and he said because I have to wear it under my costume. I said WHAT!!! What costume? He says, "Yeah my costume." Then I said, "You said you were just singing." and he says "I am just singing." Then I said, "Well I meant you didn't tell me that you had a role with a costume." And he replied..... "Mom I just did tell you." AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGG!

Oh don't you love children! They have no idea how big news is until it is too late! Again I wish I had my video battery but no. I had my camera and took a couple of pictures and guess what! My camera is now starting to break! When it rains it pours! I can get it to work but I have to keep my eye on it, so a camera is also on the list of things to buy! ha ha ha ha ha ha

Then my daughter's Christmas program was Thursday and her 3rd grade class did a fantastic job of singing! I was so impressed, the children were so in tune and pronouced all their words clearly and easy to understand. All the children were standing up straight on the stage and staring straight ahead singing in unison.... and then there was my precious girl up on the stage singing her heart out and getting her grove on! ha ha Oh I wish you could have seen her, it was so funny and cute! AGH - again no videocamera!

Oh Santa could you bring me what I really need? Batteries!

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