Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Co-worker Fun!

My coworker is always spilling things. You name it, she'll spill it. Actually, we both tied for the coveted title of Office Klutz but today I think I have lost out because my darling pod-partner did the unthinkable! She had a glass of water (thankfully it was just water) which HAD A LID ON IT... and she still spilled it and got water all over her desk. Documents drenched! Calendar wet! She joked that only she could still make a mess with a lid on something. We all laughed so much our mouths hurt. Well, during our break time we decided we would run across the street to the dollar store and have some fun! We got plastic covering table clothes, baby sippy cups, a roll of paper towels and made some fun signs to decorate her area. While she was busy in the front office, we worked stealthy like a military operation and completed our task of water-proofing her pod in just minutes! We even gift wrapped the Sippy Cups! When she returned to her desk and saw our handy work, she just fell over laughing! She loved it! Now our mouths and stomachs were hurting from all the laughing! Thankfully, she doesn't hold a grudge so don't have to worry about paybacks! ha ha

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