Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Withdrawals... but then again there is Monday!

I am experiencing Sunday night Jane Austen withdrawals... the weeks are passing slowly since PBS Masterpiece Classic of Pride and Prejudice & it will be one more week until Emma! (Did you notice I only said Sunday night!) That is because I already own all the Austen movies (it was indeed a Merry Christmas!) and fancy to watch them in the morning when I get ready for work and have heard 30 long minutes of news. Each day I just pick up where I left off.

It started years ago. The morning news is repetitive at each 30 minute segment so I started watching my soap opera's that I taped the day before instead. Then... when I had my baby, I started watching several at a time and still regularly read up on them each week thanks to my mom for my birthday subscription to Soap Opera Digest! My birthday also begins the tradition of watching "White Christmas" until January arrives. Wow, I love the dancing in that movie!

Last year I spent months on the Anne of Green Gables series.... I was obsessed with watching the second installment... Anne of Avonlea. My children know ALL the parts, yet they still enjoy it when I put it in occasionally now. I never get tired of watching movies over and over again. My girlfriend (okay... it's Erin) gives me that strange look of "how could she possibly torture herself by doing that?" I've been known to wear out several VHS copies too from over use! ha ha

Mondays!!! Yes, Season 6 is here for "Dancing with the stars!" I'd like to see a woman win this year... my vote is for Marlee Matlin!

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