Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hmmm, what to do.... Chores or Read?

I joined a book club recently via my blogging community of friends and we just started our first book titled... Mr. & Mrs. Cugat; The Record of a Happy Marriage. By Isabel Scott Rorick. To get the book, I first tried my local library but no luck so I bought the book off of Amazon for a cheap $5... perfect for my lockdown budget right now. It arrived just in time too. A beautiful old hardback with yellowing pages and darling illustrations. I had never heard of the book before and rightly so because it was first published in 1937! So Nancy Drew that I am, did some research to learn more about it. Anyone ever see the old 1942 movie "Are Husbands Necessary?" It's story was the basis from this book and was the basis for a radio sitcomdone by Lucille Ball before her I Love Lucy days. If you would like to join the book club, link over to join us. Here is her book image above so you'll know you have the right post when you scroll down.

And if that weren't enough reading, I've also begun my bible study of Beth Moore's A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place. Taken primarily from the Book of Exodus in the bible, Beth's teaching will take you on a fascinating journey into why God would chose to live in a wilderness tabernacle, made by human hands. The DVD was recently taped in Beth’s home church in Houston. If this studdy sounds familiar to you, it should because it was the very first published bible study that Beth did more than 10 years ago but this time she revised it for a new generation and contains all new video footage and exciting new graphics. Regardless of whether you did this study years ago, you’ll find A Woman’s Heart well worth another visit. I admit I was skeptical before I started this study. It focuses primarily on the construction of the tabernacle, one of the parts of the Bible I have neglected because it can get boring IF you don't understand what you are reading. Thankfully teaching is Beth's gift because she brings an inspired understanding to this subject. There are an amazing number of correlations with the New Testament, especially in the sacrificial life and death of Christ. She also draws meaningful comparisons between the Old Testament tabernacle and our lives, as the tabernacle of God now dwells within us. If you have done some of her other studies, the daily homework in this one will take you a little longer than usual because she is teaching you the history of it. And I love history! That being said, it is a wonderful study. I highly recommend you also view the DVD series along with the workbook as it takes your study time to a whole new level. I bet after watching the DVD you'll start talking in your own Texas drawl and declare Beth your new best friend... she just hasn't met you yet! ha ha

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